How to Keep Your Boyfriend in Love with You

So you have a boyfriend whom you are deeply in love in, so much so that you are insecure about losing him. He seems to be the perfect guy for you and now that he is yours, you want to keep him with you forever. Though insecurity can sometimes create problems in relationships, you might not be entirely wrong, after all he’s human and prone to making mistakes just like any other person.

If you follow the advice given in this article, you will have made sure that your boyfriend stays in love with you forever and never even thinks about leaving you or having a break up with you. Here are some easy to follow tips to help you keep your boyfriend in love:

1. Complement Him – Just like girls love being complemented from time to time, the same goes for men. Who told you men don’t need grooming and attention from their partners. They crave for it just as much as girls do. So make sure you praise him or complement him whenever he wears something new or does something special or accomplishes something (even though they may be trivial things). These gestures & praises go a long way in expressing your love to your boyfriend, so never miss out on them.

2. Tell Him How Much You Love Him – Sometimes due to our busy lives, we tend to neglect our loved ones, which can strain relationships slowly and steadily, and if it continues for a long time, it can seriously hamper the quality of the relationship. In order to save yourself from any such situation in the future, it is important to remind your partner about how much you love him and how much you care for his well-being. Tell him he’s the most important person in your life and no one else could ever take his place. Though saying this constantly may seem a bit embarrassing, it will surely help infuse vigour into your relationship.

3. Do Something Special For Him – If you want to make your boyfriend feel that you are deeply in love with him, the best way to do so is by doing something special for him. It can be anything that gives him a pleasant surprise, for example, you can set up a candle light dinner or wear some sexy stockings and seduce him or write love letters/poems or cook something special for him. If you don’t mind shelling out a few bucks, you can even give him small gifts on a regular basis and show him that you truly love him.

While the above tips can go a long way in making sure your boyfriend stays in love with you, I highly recommend reading the book The Woman Men Adore…And Never Want to Leave. It is a bestselling book that has helped thousands of women gain great insights into the minds of men and improve their relationship manifolds.


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