I feel as if no one likes me

Do you often feel as if no ones likes you? If yes is your answer then you are not alone. There are times in life when such circumstances arise that make us feel as if we are being ignored by everyone, including our near and dear ones, friends as well as family members. But what [...] Continue reading →

How to Make Her Want You

So you like a girl and want to make a strong impression on her. You want to her to fall for you so badly that she starts craving for you. Well, you gotta admit that doing so is certainly not easy, but if you follow the advice given in this article, you’ll surely be able [...] Continue reading →

How to Get a Guy to Talk to You

So you like a guy and would like to get him to talk to you but he doesn’t seem to be obliging. Or may be you don’t know him yet and that’s the reason you are a bit hesitant in taking the initiative and starting a conversation with him. Since you are a girl, starting [...] Continue reading →

Do Boys Like Shy Girls

Are you one of those girls that has a shy introvert personality and doesn’t speak much. Or may be you are open to only a few close friends and fairly reserved with the others. In a world dominated by extrovert people who make a mockery of other’s emotions, being an introvert does not necessarily mean [...] Continue reading →

How to Attract the Right Man

So you are in the quest to come across your Mr. Perfect but have not yet succeeded in finding the right man for you? Or may be you’ve found the man of your dreams but don’t know how to attract him? Whatever the case may be, with the help of the tips given in this [...] Continue reading →

How to Get a Guy Back After a Break Up

Break ups are one of the hardest experiences to bear in the lifetime of a person. They make the person who gets dumped feel terrible, sad, depressed and totally devastated. If you are in the same situation and desperately want your ex boyfriend back after having a break up with him, this article can be [...] Continue reading →

How to Get the Girl You Want

So there’s a girl who’s got you head over heels and you’d like to get into a relationship with her? With so many guys often trying to woo the same girl, attracting her can become quite a challenge. The answer to winning her heart lies in trying out newer and more creative ways of impressing [...] Continue reading →